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the power of Counterparty in your pocket

ABOUT Unlock the true potential of Counterparty on mobile

"Counterparty" allows you to create tokens on the bitcoin blockchain, inheriting the decentralization and security of the bitcoin network while at the same time expanding its functionality.

IndieSquare Wallet brings Counterparty to mobile

Letting you easily create and manage tokens from the palm of your hand.

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What are tokens?

Counterparty tokens are secure, non forgable, decentralized assets that are registered on the bitcoin blockchain. There are a number of possible use cases such as...

  • TicketingUse tokens as an event ticketing system, tokens are inexpensive and simple to create plus you don't need to worry about forgeries
  • Reward PointsYou can distribute tokens as rewards to your followers or customers letting you create loyalty plans, holders can then p2p trade tokens on the "Decentralized exchange"
  • Game ItemsUse tokens to create rare and transparent in-game items on the bitcoin blockchain, players maintain full ownership and the items can be used between games creating a truly open platform

MAIN FEATURES Tokens made easier

  1. Token CreationQuickly and easily create your own tokens
  2. Send and ReceiveBitcoin and Counterparty are fully compatible with each other letting you send and receive both in-app
  3. Decentralized ExchangeIntuitive and secure Decentralized token Exchange
  4. SecurityYour private key never leaves the app. Open source client-side code for full transparency.
  5. Screen points

KEY FEATURES Everything you need on mobile

Push notifications
Never miss a transction, get notified when somebody send you bitcoin or tokens

Fiat values
Check the value of the token in your local currency

Asset image registrations
Bring the creativity out of tokens by adding an image

Create multiple addresses to organize tokens (coming soon)
Use multiple addresses for convenience and increased privacy

Integration with other apps
Connect with IndieSquare Wallet for community management and monetization of your app

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INDIEBOARD Extend IndieSquare Wallet's capabilities on our web dashboard!

Easy QR code login
1.Scan QR code from IndieSquare Wallet
2.No registration or password required

Change token icon image
1.Set an image for your token
2.More fun and personal token experience

Manage tokens
1.Issue extra units
2.Lock the supply
3.Change token description

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