Can I send and receive Bitcoin on IndieSquare Wallet?

Yes! Your Counterparty address is also a Bitcoin address. You can send and receive bitcoins just like any other bitcoin wallet.

Why do I need Bitcoin when sending tokens?

Since Counterparty is using the bitcoin blockchain and its mining power, you need to pay transactions fees in bitcoin like regular Bitcoin transactions.

Why do I need to wait 10 minutes

The same reason you have to pay transaction fees in bitcoin. Since Counterparty transactions are also Bitcoin transactions, the 10 minute confirmation time also applies to Counterparty.

What is the decentralized exchange?

The decentralized exchang is a feature on Counterparty which lets you P2P trade tokens on the bitcoin blockchain without any Counterparty risk

What is a 12-word passphrase?

The 12-word passphrase is basically your private key. You lose it, you lose your coins. So make sure to write it down on a piece of paper and save it somewhere safe.

Can I use the same 12-word passphrase in other Counterparty compatible wallets?

Yes, you can log into other Counterparty compatible wallets like Counterwallet and Tokenly Pockets with the same passphrase

I haven't gotten my XCP. What's wrong?

You can purchase XCP within the app via the ShapeShift API. In rare cases where shifting fails please contact ShapeShift Support directly with your public address and tx information